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Spare Room: Art - Architecture - Activism in Cork is a two week art exhibition that inhabits a disused building in Cork City Centre. Its theme is framed within the rationale of critiquing institutional complicity within different forms of precarious living conditions. The five arts projects produced for this exhibition strive to move art social practice beyond ‘rehearsals’ of the social into concrete outcomes. It situates art practice firmly within the social through highly innovative collaborative art processes and presents art-led feasible alternatives to collectively organizing and inhabiting the everyday.



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Fourteen individual exhibits presenting work that creatively respond to ideas around solidarity, collective making, community building, social struggle and precarity, inclusiveness and the human right to a sustainable future.

Check out and sign up to the daily workshops, presentations, performances and launches throughout the exhibition, Friday September 20 - Friday October 4.

Check out the programme of events and workshops that will run in the Bank building , 88 North Street, Cork for the duration of the Spare Room Project


Meet some of the people and organisations that form the collective of this project.

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