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Fiona Woods

A process-based, collaborative practice, FREE*SPACE was initiated in 2016 to research forms of enclosure and commoning in the city of Limerick.


A close relationship between poetics and politics is at the heart of all FREE*SPACE actions, many of which operate across and beyond the sphere of ‘art’.

FREE*SPACE is an initiative by Fiona Woods in her capacity as an aesthetic worker. Co-producers of the actions and objects presented here are Maeve Collins, Gemma Dardis, Julie Griffiths, Kate O’ Shea, Baerbel Schlueter, Gianna Tomasso, Conor McCabe.


This installation derives from actions and dialogues that took place around a recent work of social choreography, The Laboratory of Common Interest (FREE*SPACE, Limerick, April 2019). These works operate in a space between the conceptual and the sensuous, picking up on specific strands that informed the Laboratory project: commoning, solidarity and feminist economics. The work is oriented towards new ways of making sense of what is given to us as common-sense, with aesthetics functioning as a tool of intelligibility. 

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