The idea is to create a space that represents some of the fundamental concepts of the commons; inherent flexibility, ideas around collective making, creating collective identity, access, trust, solidarity, struggle and sense of place. We want it to be playful and conductive to new forms of social imaginaries. ​


The Living Commons is being developed as one of the collaborative projects featured in SPARE ROOM. Originally intended to be presented as a hypothesis of an alternative, social ecological way of living and working through commoning practices it has progressed quickly into an actual feasible scheme that hopes to be up and running within the next year.


urban★react is a collective from Bern, Athens and Cork and includes independent artists, architects, researchers, activists, workers and scientists. Although we come from different fields, we all share a common interest in finding alternative models of teaching, application and processes in architecture with the objective of enabling people gain control of their own living environments.

The roof on one of  Dublin’s oldest squats is in need of  repair. The space has been claimed as a political gesture of asserting the basic rights of the individual to shelter over the rights of the individual to private property which is not only not serving its intended function but actually operating as a tool of speculative investment. Oldest squats is in need of repair. The space has been claimed as a political gesture of asserting the basic rights of the individual to shelter over the rights of the individual to private property which is not only not serving its intended function but actually operating as a tool of speculative investment.

Moving in explores the possibility of an Emotionally Intelligent resistance that can engage our humanity against the neoliberal reductionist policies which are forcing us into progressively smaller communal spaces and increasingly binding social contracts.

This installation derives from actions and dialogues that took place around a recent work of social choreography, The Laboratory of Common Interest (FREE*SPACE, Limerick, April 2019). These works operate in a space between the conceptual and the sensuous, picking up on specific strands that informed the Laboratory project: commoning, solidarity and feminist economics. The work is oriented towards new ways of making sense of what is given to us as common-sense, with aesthetics functioning as a tool of intelligibility. 



Everyone here knows that we are all living in an accommodation crisis. But for Travellers that accommodation crisis started long before. Even when the country was awash with money during the boom years, Travellers were living in terrible conditions and this has only got worse with the widening accommodation crisis.

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MASI seeks justice, freedom and dignity for all asylum seekers. MASI is a platform for asylum seekers to join together in unity and purpose. MASI came together after the protests in the Direct Provision centres in 2014. We believe that speaking together in one voice, moving together in one direction, we are much stronger, our voices much louder and more difficult to ignore and dismiss. For us, MASI is a way to take back our power and demand freedom, justice and dignity for all asylum seekers. MASI demands an end to direct provision, the right to work and education, residency for all in the system, and an end to the brutal deportation regime. 


Tomasz Madajczak

"Transfiguration" is a site-specific installation which incorporates light, plastic, surrounding matter and space. It is a work from the "Light Conduit" series, initiated in 2003 in center of Polish Sculpture in Poland. The ephemeral physicality of light is focused and solidified when reflected by a particular matter. The presence of the observer influences the movement of the matter initiating interactions in the 4th dimension. In this instance the light is situated within a transitional space between two rooms in the former bank and adjacent to an old bank vault. 

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Mary Cooke’s human like sculptures evoke emotions of isolation, fragility, shelter and sublime.

This exhibit creates a radical library in the former bank vault consisting of temporary donations from Declan Synnott (Rebel Reads), Rob Ireson (Belfast Feminist Library), Siobhán Clancy (Seed Library), Rachel Doolin (Seed Stories), Tomas Penc and Dobz O’Brien (National Sculpture Factory online Cork Caucus Edition archive/platform). Coordinated by Maggie O’Sullivan the accumulated work raises questions regarding how dominant knowledge systems are mediated through archival classificatory schemes and the problems that this might cause those who advocate ‘autonomous open knowledge sources’.



The People’s Kitchen is a space for solidarity and dialogue for exploring alternatives to capitalism through food and print. The aim of the People's kitchen is to create a platform for people to experiment with their own community food and print practices. For spare room the People’s Kitchen invites NUMIDIA by Touria Besbas [] and Cork-based Open Kitchen by Darren Kirwan. Finally Molly Garvey will present 'Eat my thesis: let me feed you and help you grow.'The research and development of the People’s Kitchen has recently been supported by Arts Council Ireland through the Artist in Community Scheme managed by CREATE. The project is being mentored by Dawn Weleski of Conflict Kitchen.

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Institute of Dwelling

The IoD’s creative actions are regenerated from vernacular building and folk practices, exploring the landscape that lies between ritual and routine. We reconstruct situations where we present ourselves as the architects, planners, surveyors, or constructors of our own dwelling places. Through a series of interventions we act out ways ‘folk’ share skills and knowledge required to make a living space. These actions are playful entry points and devices to provoke and harness the collective imagination. The IoD installation at Spare Room emerged from a process of recovering forgotten or obscured abilities inherent in our body to tune into our surrounds for practical purposes. Exhibited are the performative objects from Water Broadcasting Secret Stations, a public intervention using the ancient practice of water divining, a practical tool for locating a site and water source for a dwelling house.

The IoD (Institute of Dwelling) is a collaboration between artists Elinor Rivers, Colette Lewis and Marilyn Lennon